We take responsibility.

Think sustainably, operate economically — for us, that’s not a contradiction; it’s what drives us every day.

That extends from our high quality standards to our well-developed environmental awareness. We want to impress customers with the high quality of our office furniture, but we also want to manufacture it sustainably. In our Sustainability Report, we document the goals we have achieved and the new objectives we have set. The report clearly shows that we are on the right course.

Our planet’s raw materials are limited. That’s why we strive to use resources and energy in a responsible fashion. Our aim is to conserve resources in our use of materials, increase energy efficiency throughout the whole value chain, and avoid environmental impacts of all kinds. Just how seriously we take the idea of sustainability can be seen in our environmental management system. We have the system certified according to DIN ISO EN 14001, and it has earned us the European Union’s EMAS quality seal for sustainable environmental management. In addition, we work only with PEFC-certified material that comes from sustainable forest management. One sign of our success is the fact that nearly all of our products have been awarded the environmental label “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel). Together we are stronger — so in addition to making our own contribution by ourselves, we are also active in organisations. For example, we are a certified member of the Sustainability Alliance of Lower Saxony, and we participate in the German Working Group for Environmentally Friendly Management, B. A. U. M. e. V. We’re thinking about tomorrow today.

Sustainability philosophy, corporate and environmental policies

Economic efficiency n business activities

ASSMANN is an independent business operation. Our goal is to achieve sustainable, economically viable growth. For us as a family-run business with 75 years of experience, economic success has always meant accepting responsibility, which we do in many different ways.

Ethical practices

We comply with all relevant local and product-specific requirements prescribed by legal and administrative regulations at the European, national and municipal levels. We categorically reject bribery and corruption, the acceptance or granting of unfair advantages as well as insider trading, and expect the same of our customers and suppliers. We attach great importance to data protection. We respect human rights, protect our employees’ rights at the local, national and global level, and condemn every form of child, forced or bonded labour. We honour the dignity of every human being and take our responsibility for our employees, customers, suppliers, company and environment seriously.

Product responsibility

Our products are part of people’severyday lives for many years. Our production, sales and customer service have been designed to ensure that our products are manufactured, purchased and used sustainably. A long service life, spare parts delivery guarantees, safe design principles (see GS mark), low-emission raw materials (Blauer Engel – RAL UZ 38 and RAL UZ 117) and the use of recyclable materials make purchasing our products an ecologically and economically responsible decision.